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Course Information: Overview

Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC)

Year 1 and Year 2 Courses

Courses in the IMC form an initial 24-week core of instruction on the scientific principles integral to the practice of medicine, followed by six organ-based blocks and a syndromes based course, all of which integrate traditional basic science disciplines (anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, and immunology) for each of the major systems of the human body. All courses are interdisciplinary and are based on self-directed, problem-based learning, with supplemental large-group lectures and laboratory sessions. Clinical skills development and clinical reasoning are emphasized in the longitudinal Practice of Medicine course.

The Practice of Medicine (POM) course serves as a focal point in clinical skills development during Years 1 and 2. It emphasizes the practical development in communication, medical interviewing, and physical examination skills, complemented by principles of medical ethics, professionalism, and evidence-based medicine/clinical reasoning. Weekly small-group sessions with clinical faculty are the focal point of the course. Basic skills in Year 1 are reinforced through regularly scheduled half-day visits to primary care physician practices in the community. Experiences are expanded in Year 2 with periodic university-based clinical experiences to practice and develop clinical abilities, especially as they relate to each organ system.

Year 3 Courses

Year 3 consists of 48 weeks of instruction (out of 52 weeks available in the academic calendar), which include the following:

  • Internal Medicine (12 weeks)
  • Pediatrics (8 weeks)
  • Surgery (8 weeks)
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology (6 weeks)
  • Psychiatry (6 weeks)
  • Family Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Elective (4 weeks)
  • December Holiday Break (4 weeks)
  • Note: A student may accrue academic credit for electives taken between Year 1 and Year 2 (four or eight weeks) and the December holiday break during Year 3 (four weeks). Such credit will decrease the number of electives needed in Year 4.
  • More information in School of Medicine Bulletin (PDF)

Year 4 Courses

Year 4 consists of 40 weeks of instruction (out of 48 weeks available in the academic calendar), which include the following:

  • Neurology Selective (4 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine* Selective (4 weeks)
  • Acting Internship selective (4 weeks)
  • Ambulatory Community selective (4 weeks)
  • Basic Science/Humanities selective (4 weeks)
  • Electives are 20 weeks, with at least one being required to be a clinical elective.
  • Vacation (4 weeks)
  • December Holiday Break (4 weeks)
  • *includes Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • **includes an Autopsy Exercise
  • More information in School of Medicine Bulletin (PDF)