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Student Mistreatment & Reporting Policy

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How to Report Student Mistreatment

Resources for Professionalism/Unprofessionalism, Conduct, and Mistreatment

UTMB strives to foster a safe, respectful, and professional environment. We are committed to addressing any issues of unprofessionalism or mistreatment in a timely and confidential manner.

Examples of disrespectful behavior and mistreatment may include*:

  • Verbal abuse, such as public belittlement or humiliation of a student or fellow team member
  • Being threatened with physical harm or being physically punished
  • Abuse of power over another person on the health care team. This can include interactions with a faculty physician, nurse or a technician, or mistreatment of a patient
  • Being required to perform personal services (e.g., shopping, babysitting)
  • Being subjected to offensive remarks/names because of your race, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Receiving lower evaluations or grades solely because of your gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation rather than your performance
  • Being denied opportunities for training or rewards solely because of your gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation rather than your performance
  • Sexual harassment (e.g., unwanted sexual advances, offensive sexist remarks/names directed at you personally)
  • Discussing confidential information about a patient in an inappropriate setting
  • Discriminatory treatment of a patient (or another person) due to that person's economic status, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Cheating

Below you will find resources to report any concerns, unprofessionalism, misconduct, or mistreatment that you view or experience:

Contact a Student Affairs Dean

Ruth Levine_lg

Dr. Ruth Levine
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions
(409) 772-1442

Dr. Norma Pérez Raifaisen
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
(409) 772-1442

Note: Gender/Sexual Discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault are crimes that should be brought to the attention of a Student Affairs Dean and the Title IX office.  You may also notify Campus Police at ext. 21111. Call 911 in the event of an emergency.