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Site Preference Ranking

3rd Year Family Medicine Clerkship - Ambulatory Site Preferences

3rd Year Internal Medicine Clerkship - Inpatient Site, Specialty and Ambulatory Preferences

Due Date: March 17, 2023 (closes at 11:59pm)
Contact for assistance:  Vicky Garcia

Fill out your IM Clerkship inpatient, specialty and ambulatory site preferences. Please choose the form for where you are based when completing the Galveston/Houston/Tyler preference forms.  Every student fills out the ambulatory preference form.

3rd Year Pediatric Clerkship - Ambulatory Site Preferences
Due Date: March 17, 2023 (closes at 11:59pm)
Contact for assistance: Brian Sullivan
Every 3rd Year Pediatric Clerkship student will work with a Pediatrician out in the community for 2 weeks. Use this link to tell us where you have available housing around the state of Texas.  You can also tell us if you know any Pediatricians in the state of Texas that may be willing to be your preceptor for this 2 week block.

What happens if I miss these deadlines?

We will place you somewhere in the state where we have housing and a community teaching physician. Even if you fill out site preferences, we cannot guarantee you will get your preferred sites. This website gives us a good idea, however, where you have housing and where you would like to do your rotation.

What is meant by commutable vs. non-commutable?

Commutable means that you prefer to be placed within 50 miles of where you are based. Non-commutable means that you would like to leave the area where you are based and do the outpatient portion of your rotation in another part of the state.

What is a Student-Created site?

A student created site means that the medical student finds their own community teaching physician and does so in an area where they also have housing. Students may not work with physicians who are relatives, but students are allowed to find their own community teaching physicians. If you want to ask a physician that you know to be your preceptor, they must be board certified in the same discipline as the course they are expected to teach. For example, the ambulatory portion of the 3rd year Pediatric Clerkship must be taught by a physician that is a board certified generalist in Pediatrics. If you decide to create your own site, please visit the website that explains the rules for Finding your own ambulatory preceptor.