Educational Affairs - Office of Clinical Education

Student Credentialing for Away Rotations

Some of your 3rd and 4th year rotations will be in clinics or hospitals that require you to be credentialed before they will allow you access to their hospital or clinic...even if you are accompanying a teaching physician into the facility. They will allow your preceptor in as usual, but they will stop you at the front door if you are not properly credentialed.

Not all locations will ask for credentialing paperwork, but we need you to help us prepare in case your locations do ask for this information. We ask that you gather this information prior to your 3rd year, or at least know how to access this information, so you are able to present it on demand.

Student Credentialing for Ambulatory Rotations

  • 1. Annual Student Required Training

    To complete the training, please visit the UTMB Online Training System (log in with UTMB username and password). Once on this site, please complete the training module entitled "Annual Student Required Training". If further assistance is needed, please call the following numbers: IS Help Desk at (409) 772-5200 or the HR Training and Organizational Development Office at (409) 747-6700.

    The "Annual Student Required Training" is a course that combines the following subjects into one course required annually for all students: General Compliance, HIPAA, Information Protection, Sexual Harassment, Fire Safety, Isolation Precautions and Standard Precautions. Many of our volunteer ambulatory sites will not let you enter their locations without proof of this training.

  • 2. Immunization Records
    Available through MyStar (please make sure they are current).

    Some away locations will require immunizations that are not required by UTMB. Those can be dealt with on a case by case basis. For information on what immunization records are required by UTMB and most other healthcare organizations, please visit: Make sure your immunizations are up-to-date.

    1. Log into MyStar
    2. Click on the 'Student Center' tab on the left.
    3. Scroll down to the 'Personal Information' section and click on the 'Immunization Information" link.
    4. A link to your immunization records can be found on this page.
    5. If you can't access your immunization records, please visit UTMB's Student Wellness office for a hard copy of your records.
  • 3. Know how to access the following so that we may request them at a moment's notice
    Remember that you may be working in another city when we ask for them, so prepare accordingly. Some students will gather this information and then email it to themselves so they have it on file in a digital format. They are then able to email it to anyone requesting this information.
    • Driver's license
    • Health insurance card
    • BLS/ACLS - the clinic where you work may need to have a copy of these e-cards. Please have them available when you go on your community-based rotations. Can't find your BLS/ACLS e-cards? Go to and type in your information to retrieve a new copy.
  • 4. Proof of OSHA Training for Away Rotations (Requested through VSLO)

    When applying for away rotations through VSLO, you may be asked to submit proof of OSHA Training that you've completed while at UTMB. The UTMB Office of Compliance does not have any training that is specifically entitled OSHA Training. We suggest that you log into the UTMB Annual Online Training System and make a copy of your transcript and appropriate certificates which list all of the training modules you have completed while at UTMB. Many of the training modules that you have completed contain items that would be considered OSHA-related.

    UTMB medical students are required to complete the following courses annually:

    • Annual Student Required Training, which includes:
      • General Compliance
      • HIPAA
      • Standard/Isolation Precautions (OSHA-related module)
      • Healthcare Fire Safety (OSHA-related module)
      • Sexual Harassment Prevention
      • Information Protection
    • Standards of Conduct Guide Acknowledgment

    If you have trouble accessing the information you need from UTMB's Online Training website, please see this document with hints on how to navigate their site and obtain the information you need: ELM FAQ document (PDF). If further assistance is needed, please call the following numbers: IS Help Desk at (409) 772-5200 or the HR Training and Organizational Development Office at (409) 747-6700.

  • 5. If it is requested by your clinic, you may contact this office for the following:
    • Proof of medical student liability insurance
    • Proof of criminal background check
    • Letter of good standing with UTMB