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Areas of Scholarly Concentration

  • Aerospace Medicine
    The Aerospace Medicine Concentration is designed to educate medical students about Aerospace Medicine and space biomedical research. Students are introduced to aerospace physiology, space medicine and space life sciences research, an introductory course in aerospace medicine, and career opportunities.  For more information, please contact Heather Peel.
  • Bilingual Health
    The Bilingual Health Scholarly Concentration is designed to graduate culturally and ethically competent bilingual in Spanish physicians. For more information, please contact Norma A. Perez Raifaisen, MD, DrPH.
  • Community Engaged Public Health
    The Community Engaged Public Health Scholarly Concentration offers an enriched curriculum that merges the core principles of public health with the hands-on experience of community engagement. Designed for medical students passionate about public health and community-based initiatives, this scholarly concentration equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to address pressing public and community health challenges. For more information, please contact the course director, Dr. Cara Pennel, or the course coordinator Tawny Stromberg.
  • Global Health
    The Global Health Scholarly Concentration is the home to many global health training opportunities at UTMB.  Various training opportunities are open to students in all four of our academic schools.  Please contact Dr. Matthew Dacso or Bradley Brock for more information.
  • Geriatric Health
    The Geriatric Scholarly Concentration at UTMB is a four year learning experience that provides a unique opportunity to enhance knowledge, skill sets, values and expertise in the care of older adults.  Please contact Dr. Vinod Kaushik or Leslie Simpton for more information.
    • Physician Healer
      The Physician Healer Scholarly Concentration is designed to mentor students as they develop their professional identity as doctors. The training focuses on self-awareness, self-reflection, interpersonal communication skills, self-care and work-life balance. Being a source of healing for the suffering of another is both a responsibility and a privilege. In addition to our technical knowledge and skills, being a healer requires training in equanimity, wisdom and compassion.  Please email Pht@utmb.edu for more information
    • Rural Health
      UTMB medical students that have an interest in working in a rural area will benefit by joining the Rural Health Scholarly Concentration. The Rural Health Scholarly Concentration provides opportunities that serve to expand existing curricular experiences that emphasize the practice of rural medicine throughout the 4 years of medical school.  Please contact Dr. Oscar W. Brown or Brian Sullivan for more information.
    • Translational Research
      Translational research integrates basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research and leads to the transformation of scientific discoveries made in the laboratory, clinical setting, or population setting to clinical applications such as interventions to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease.  Please contact Dr. Judith Aronson or Donna Adams for more information.

    Purpose of the areas of Scholarly Concentration:
    To provide interested students opportunities to receive expanded learning experiences in non-specialty-based areas of emphasis while completing the 4-year Integrated Medical Curriculum.