Welcome to SOM Educational Affairs

Educational Affairs oversees the School of Medicine curriculum for each of the four years of medical education at UTMB. Educational Affairs comprises four departments that work together as a team to integrate basic science with clinical knowledge and skills through each of the four years of medical education. Below is a brief overview of each of the departments that make up SOM Educational Affairs.

Instruction Management Office (IMO)
IMO_iconThe central responsibility of the IMO is to support courses in the first two years of the medical school curriculum. The curriculum includes basic science and organ systems courses and the Practice of Medicine (POM) courses. In addition, the IMO coordinates the Year 4 Basic Science and Human Selectives (BSHS) and oversees the Year 4 Integrated Clinical Evaluation Exercise (ICEE).
Office of Clinical Education (OCE)
OCE_iconResponsible for all the clinical aspects of medical student education, which is centered around the last two years of medical school. All clerkship rotations are coordinated in this office, including summer preceptorships for first and second year medical students.
Office of Clinical Simulations (OCS)
OCS_iconThis office oversees Standardized Patient Center and Clinical Skills Center; coordination of trained patients and simulation equipment; responsible for clinical skills enrichment of medical students that mimics a real life clinic.
Office of Educational Development (OED)
OED_iconSupports the School of Medicine's educational mission by designing and providing faculty development to improve teaching and learning; curriculum development aimed at effective teaching and learning; provides expertise to support effective learner assessment; designs and provides curriculum and educational program evaluations to promote continually-improving teaching and learning; conducts and collaborates on educational research grounded in sound theory and current practice; collaborates with faculty colleagues to advance the scholarship of education.