UTMB John Sealy School of Medicine MATCH Day 2022

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 on a successful Match!

Of our 219 participating students, 214 (98%) will enter residency training in 2022. We are pleased to note that 94 (43%) will be entering primary care specialties, 41 (19%) have matched to UTMB, 87 (41%) have matched within the UT System, and 141 (66%) have matched within Texas. This year, our students have matched in 31 states with the top 4 being Texas, New York, California, and Maryland. Our top 5 specialties are Internal Medicine (16.9%), Family Medicine (11.0%), Pediatrics (10.0%), Surg-Prelim (7.8%), and Psychiatry (7.3%).

    Data from NRMP and Early and Military Match Results

    2022 Match Day - Dr. Raimer

    2022 Match Day - Dr. Mouton

    Match Day 2022

    Date: March 18, 2022
    Location: Levin Hall
    By invitation only. Details have been emailed to senior class.


    Ms. Valerie Carmichael
    Match Coordinator