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UTMB 3rd Year Internal Medicine Clerkship (Ambulatory Portion)

Every third year medical student at UTMB is required to take the Internal Medicine Clerkship. The entire course is 12 weeks. The inpatient portion is eight weeks and the outpatient portion is four weeks (with a volunteer community teaching physician).

Community Teaching Physician Qualifications

  • MD or DO
  • Board-certified in Internal Medicine
  • Preceptors must be licensed and working in the State of Texas
  • Generalists or specialists are allowed to teach for this course, but they must be working in an ambulatory setting
  • No disparaging board-orders on the Texas State Medical Board
  • Preceptor must go through UTMB appointment benefits and process before accepting students

Community Teaching Physician Commitment per Student
Minimum: 4.5 days each week for 4 weeks (36 hours in clinic each week)
Maximum: 45 hours each week for 4 weeks (students need time to study for their shelf exam at the end of this rotation)
Preceptors may ask a student to round with them in the hospital after regular clinic hours. They may also ask the student to work during Saturday clinic hours. Both of these teaching opportunities are acceptable as long as that time does not exceed the 45 hour work week maximum for the student.

If the student is placed with an IM specialist, please let UTMB know 3 weeks prior to the start of the Term. We will make sure to assign different IM specialties for the student's 2 months of inpatient service.

Please get an email address from the IM preceptors so that we may send reminders of the student evaluations the preceptors now fill out online. We are no longer using paper copies for student evaluations.

2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Term 1Term 2
Term 1 Schedules sent to AHEC: 05/22/2017Term 2 schedules sent to AHEC: 8/14/2017
AHEC returns Term 1 schedules: 06/19/2017AHEC returns Term 2 schedules: 9/11/2017
Period 01: 07/03/17 - 07/28/17Period 04: 09/25/17 - 10/20/17
Period 02: 07/31/17 - 08/25/17Period 05: 10/23/17 - 11/17/17
Period 03: 08/28/17 - 09/22/17Period 06: 11/20/17 - 12/15/17
Term 3Term 4
Term 3 schedules sent to AHEC: 12/04/2017Term 4 schedules sent to AHEC: 02/26/2018
AHEC returns Term 3 schedules: 01/01/2018AHEC returns Term 4 schedules: 03/26/2018
Period 07: 01/15/18 - 02/09/18Period 10: 04/09/18 - 05/04/18
Period 08: 02/12/18 - 03/09/18Period 11: 05/07/18 - 06/01/18
Period 09: 03/12/18 - 04/06/18Period 12: 06/04/18 - 06/29/18

AHEC coordinators will receive blank schedules from UTMB six weeks prior to the beginning of each Term. The due date for all schedules is 2 weeks prior to the start of each Term. This gives the AHEC coordinators 4 weeks to locate a community teaching physician for each Term.

Course Links
UTMB Internal Medicine Website
UTMB Internal Medicine Clerkship Syllabus (PDF)
UTMB Internal Medicine Clerkship Goals and Objectives (PDF)
UTMB Internal Medicine Facilitator Guide (PDF)
UTMB Internal Medicine Clerkship Evaluation Form (Doc)

Please fill out IM Clerkship student evaluations online using the following evaluation instructions and website. The above evaluation form is used for example purposes only. You will be sent a UTMB username/password to log into the New Innovations website to complete IM Clerkship student evaluations.

Online Student Evaluation Instructions (PDF)

This link will take you to instructions on how to log into the IM clerkship online student evaluation website.

Online Student Evaluation Website

This is a direct link to the online student evaluation website.

Course Contacts

Internal Medicine Clerkship Director (Galveston)Karen Szauter, MD
Internal Medicine Clerkship Director (Galveston)Bernard Karnath, MD
Internal Medicine Clerkship Coordinator (Galveston)Christina Johnson
Ambulatory Month Coordinator (Galveston)Brian Sullivan

If you are interested in teaching medical students for the UTMB 3rd Year Internal Medicine Clerkship, please contact Brian Sullivan.