Office of Enrichment ProgramsPre-Matriculation Reinforcement and Enrichment Program (PREP)

About the Program

The Pre-Matriculation Reinforcement Enrichment Program (PREP) is a program for students that have been offered admission to medical school at UTMB. It is an outstanding pre-entry preparatory program that is offered by invitation to students from educationally, economically, or geographically disadvantaged backgrounds. The intent of this program is to provide a smooth transition from the undergraduate curriculum to the rigorous and demanding expectations of the medical school curriculum.

This six-week program gives a realistic preview of selected courses in the first-year medical school curriculum. These classes are taught by medical school faculty, and the demands of the course, including the pace and the examinations, mirror that of courses during the academic year. PREP provides the opportunity to make the academic, psychological, emotional, and physical adjustment necessary to adapt to the demands of medical school curriculum.