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SCOPE in Year 3

In a typical week, you will spend one half-day in seeing a regularly assigned patient panel. You will be the primary provider for your patients and are expected to perform all aspects of their care including:

  • Rooming patients & obtaining vitals

  • Performing a history and physical

  • Developing an assessment and plan

  • Presenting to faculty and writing notes

  • Following up on labs and referrals

Other year 3 activities

  • Team meeting on the third Friday of each periods with all SCOPE students and faculty

  • Small group "check-in" time

  • Didactics on a clinically relevant topic (motivational interviewing, health literacy, etc.)

Other aspects of SCOPE

  • Monthly written assignments (including reflective essays, H&Ps, and clinical learning issues)

  • Creating and implementing a Quality Improvement Project

  • You'll be assigned a faculty champion who will give you feedback on your written assignments and serve as a mentor

You are required to be at the SCOPE clinic for 11 of the 13 periods in the academic year. You can use your two off-periods as vacation time or to take away electives/clerkships. SCOPE is open to Galveston and Houston-based students; unfortunately for now we don't have any SCOPE clinics in Austin.

SCOPE in Year 4

Because fourth year scheduling is erratic and often involves travel for interviews, your SCOPE responsibilities are reduced to 10 visits for the year. Team meetings are optional and you have written assignments accompany each clinic visit.

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