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SCOPE (Student Continuity of Practice Experience) is a longitudinal primary care experience that extends across all four years of the curriculum. Its overarching purpose is to foster consistent, positive patient/provider relationships and demonstrate the rewards of primary care practice. SCOPE is not a track in the traditional sense; rather, it is an additional no-credit-hour course that appears on student's transcripts as a satisfactory/unsatisfactory course.

Students in SCOPE visit the same clinic on a regular basis - the frequency varies by academic level - and see their own panel of patients with a consistent faculty preceptor. By the time they reach third year they will be the primary provider for their patients and perform all aspects of their care. You may elect not to continue with SCOPE at any point in the program, though we hope everyone will want to complete all four years.

SCOPE has four primary care clinical tracks students can choose from. Each year the participating clinics determine how many SCOPE students they can take; typically the number ranges from 4-8 but may be less depending on clinic needs.

  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • St. Vincent's Clinic

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How to Apply

SCOPE Years 1 and 2 Overview

SCOPE Years 3 and 4 Overview

Contact Information

Christine Ford, MA
Medical Educator Specialist, SCOPE Coordinator
Phone: (409) 747-1730

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