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How to Use the Clinical Reasoning Instrument - Instructional Video

  • Click on the links to watch the video as separate clips or as one clip.

    Part 1 - Introduction to CRI

    Part 2 - Esther presents her diagnosis and differential diagnosis

    Part 3 - Dr. Gerik explores appropriate diagnostic tests to rule in/out Esther's diagnosis & differential diagnosis.

    Part 4 - Dr. Gerik provides feedback to Esther

    Part 5 - Esther shares how the CRI helped her when she took Step 2 CS

    Part 6 - CRI Summary points

    Full version of CRI Video (16 min 22 seconds)

    Clinical Reasoning Instrument - Download PDF


    Susie Gerik, MD (Playing the Doctor)
    Esther Robbins (Playing the Student)
    Ruth Levine, MD (Content Expert/Scriptwriter/Voiceover) (Assistant Dean, Educational Affairs)
    Anne Rudnicki, EdD (Educator/Producer) (Sr. Medical Educator, Office of Educational Development)
    Kirk Ford (Animation, Video Production & Editing) (Media Specialist, Moody Medical Library/Academic Technology Center)

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